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The INDO BOARD Rocker Board - An advanced balance board for surfing, snowboarding and wakesurf training.

The INDO BOARD Rocker Board - An advanced balance board for surfing, snowboarding and wakesurf training.

Posted by Chip Martoccia on Oct 17th 2022

REVERSE CAMBER is the answer -

The INDO BOARD Rocker Board is a model that we launched in 2008 when we stumbled upon a wakeskate mold in a Southern California manufacturing facility. We noticed that this mold created a "reverse-camber" aka "rocker" shape to the deck. At that time, this rocker design was gaining popularity in snowboard, wakeboard, and wakeskate manufacturing. The concept allows for a rocker or reverse camber to be built into the board (think a banana shape) so that less board is making contact with the snow or water and the board becomes faster and looser. That's when the "lightbulb" went off for us.

The INDO BOARD Rocker board is born -

We quickly began manufacturing and and testing these advanced balance boards and found that the rocker bottom did exactly what we thought it would. With less deck touching the roller the Rocker Board was loose, fast and ultra-responsive when attempting tricks like 180 spins, 360 spins, shuvits, varials, and other advanced balance board tricks. Spin tricks that were difficult on our flat decks became smooth and easy to pull of on the Rocker Board. We also decided that we would not include the traditional stoppers on the underside of the deck so the rider didn't have to worry about the stoppers hitting the roller when spinning the deck. Our idea worked and the INDO BOARD Rocker board became the worlds first reverse-camber balance board designed for pulling off advanced balance board tricks

The Rocker Board in action

The INDO BOARD Rocker Board. It's not for everyone -

After more than a decade, the INDO BOARD Rocker board is still a favorite for advanced riders that want to upgrade from the traditional flat deck found on the INDO BOARD Original series. If you have mastered the INDO BOARD Original and need a new challenge then the Rocker Board is for you. But if you are new to balance boards, you should start with a flat deck design that includes stoppers on the underside of the deck. 

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INDO BOARD Rocker board comes in multiple configurations and colors -

The Rocker Board, just like the INDO BOARD Original models, comes in a variety of configurations including just a Rocker deck with a 6.5" Original roller.  The Rocker Training Package (deck, roller and 14" IndoFLO cushion) and the Rocker FLO (deck and cushion only) which is a perfect for standing desks or workstations. The Rocker Board is available in four colors as well as the popular Yin Yang graphic so everyone should be able to find a deck that suits their taste.

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