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Shop All Indo Board Products Welcome to the Indo Board website, home of Indo Board Products which are the best Balance Board products made. Indo Boards take balance board training to the next level with many different models designed for every possible use. Indo Board balance boards enjoy the distinction of being the most recognizable brand of balance boards in the action and board sports industries. In recent years Indo Board balance boards have become increasingly popular as a tool for improving balance and for proprioceptive conditioning in all types of athletes in sports ranging from archery to ice hockey. We are proud to have endorsements from countless Olympic Medalists, World Champions, National Champions and other elite athletes in virtually every sport. Indo Board balance boards are continuing to expand into the Health and Fitness industry as an excellent tool for training clients in all age ranges that are looking for a new, innovative, safe and fun way to improve their balance, proprioception, kinesthetic and postural awareness, kinetic chain stability, agility, coordination, core strength and neuromuscular response. Indo Board is now also found in many elementary, middle and high schools all over the United States and Europe as a tool for introducing youth to a fun, effective way of being active while improving balance, coordination and agility.  If you are looking to improve your balance for any sport or just looking for a product that will provide a lifetime of fun and fitness, than the Indo Board balance board is for you. The Indo Board is the best known, best built and most respected brand of balance board available. Don’t settle for an imitation when it comes to your balance training. Choose Indo Board; the best brand of balance board on the market.