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Rocker Board: Deck and Roller


The Indo Rocker Board consists of a 33" X 16" wooden deck that has "rocker" curved upwards from the mid point to each end. This “rocker” bottom is extremely easy to rotate on the roller, allowing the rider to perform advanced balance board tricks like 180 or 360 degree spins. Additionally, the Indo Rocker Board does not have stops on the underside of the deck, as this is for advanced balance board riders. The absence of stops adds 7 inches of travel from end to end. The Indo Rocker board uses the same 6.5" diameter roller that all our "Original" models come with. If you own an Indo Original and think you have mastered it, then the Indo Rocker Board is your logical upgrade.

Rocker Series:

Deck size: 33” X 16” deck with non-slip grip coat applied
Roller size: 6.5” diameter with 3 non-slip strips
Cushion size (if applicable): 14” IndoFLO mouth-inflatable and adjustable
Deck construction: 11/16” cabinet-grade, Baltic Birch
Available in 5 color options

The Indo Rocker Board

The INDO BOARD Rocker is designed for those riders that have mastered their Indo Board Original or those Riders that Want An Advanced Balance Board Challenge. This Unique Balance Board features a 33" X 15" Cabinet-Grade Birch Wood deck that has a Reverse-Camber or Rocker Design which means that Deck is Not Flat but instead Has A Curve Or Rocker Throughout It's Length and A 6.5" Diameter Roller. This Deck Design Makes the Deck Much Looser thus Making It Easier For The Rider to Pull Off 180 Degree and 360 Degree Spins. The Overall Feel of the Indo Board Rocker Closely Simulates The Feel Of Multiple Board Sports Including Surfing, Wakesurfing, Wakeboarding, Snowboarding, Kiteboarding and Skateboarding.


Five colors for every taste

Advanced Design for High Performance Balance Board Tricks That Are Used In Wakeboarding, Surfing, Snowboarding, Wakesurfing and Skateboarding. Perfect for Practicing Spin Tricks - Mahogany - Blue - Black - Yin Yang - Natural

Better balance, stability, core strength and fitness

INDO BOARD Balance Boards Are Also Designed For A Wide Variety of Fitness Training Uses Including: Improving Core Strength, Upper and Lower Body Strength Training, Injury Prevention, Improving Kinetic Chain Stability, And For Use In Physical Therapy, Injury Rehabilitation, And Sport-Specific Functional Training. INDO BOARDS Are Even Found In Physical Education Department in Schools All Across The World. Since 1998 INDO BOARDS Have Beed Known Worldwide As The Balance Board That Provides Both Fitness and Fun.


The Indo Board with limitless potential

The INDO BOARD Rocker Balance Board Allows Riders To Explore Their Limits. Designed To Be Our Most Advanced Board For Riders That Have Mastered Their INDO BOARD Original Design Or Those Riders That Just Have Limitless Imaginations. This Design Allows For The Rider To Perfect Tricks That Are Common With Advanced Skaters, Snowboaders, Wakesurfers, Wakeboarders, Surfers And Just About Any Other Board Sport. The Design Allows For The Rider To Easily Spin The Deck to Simulate Tricks Like Rail Grinds, Shuvits, Half Cabs, Fakies, Tail Slides and Many More. By Practicing These Tricks At Home The Rider Will Develop The Muscle Memory Necessary To Be Able To Pull Off These Moves In the Water, On The Mountain, At the Park Or Whereever You Ride.

Also Available As A Rocker Training Package

The INDO BOARD Rocker is Also Available As A "Training Package" Which Includes the 33" X 15" deck, the 6.5" diameter roller and ALSO INCLUDES our 14" IndoFLO balance cushion. The Rocker Training Package Allows the user to Use Either The Roller Or The Cushion Under The Deck So That Anyone Can Use The Rocker Board. Adding The Cushion To the Package Allows For A Wide Variety Of Other Uses Including, Physical Therapy, Core Strength Training, Single Leg Exercises, Or Even For Standing On At Work If You Have A Standing Desk Or Standing Workstation. The Potential Uses Of The Rocker Training Package Are Limitless