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More Lindsey Vonn INDO BOARD workouts

More Lindsey Vonn INDO BOARD workouts

Posted by INDO BOARD on Nov 7th 2022

Lindsey Vonn's Secret Weapon – INDO BOARD

The 2018 Winter Olympics were just around the corner and several winter Olympians, including Lindsey Vonn, used the INDO BOARD as part of their training regimen. It's was no surprise to the athletes and coachers for Team USA as, for many years, the US Olympic Ski and Snowboard Team has used the INDO BOARD as a warmup and balance training tool during training and before competing.

Lindsey has consistently used the INDO BOARD since her formative training with the Vail Ski and Snowboard Club as a kid. More recently she has used it to help her rehabilitate from severe injuries. This lead her to begin also utilizing the INDO BOARD as a primary training tool to get her back into competitive form for the 2018 Winter Games.

In this post, Lindsey Vonn is working on core strength as well as her upper body in an effort to rehab her injured arm. She can be seen playing catch while on the INDO BOARD which adds another level of neuromuscular "chaos" to her balance training routine. This challenging workout does wonders to improve focus, agility, reaction time and coordination. 

The INDO BOARD also helps to strengthen weak or injured ankles and knees. Sprained ankles and knees are very prevalent injuries among skiers, snowboarders and many other types of athletes that participate in ground-based sports that require split-second changes of direction at high speeds. 

In the photo above, Lindsey is using the INDO BOARD Mini Pro.  A model developed while working with professional wakeboarders and snowboarders who wanted a board that simulated the size of the board that they compete on and  that also has similar movement patterns. This unique board can be ridden with the deck either perpendicular or parallel to the roller. The INDO BOARD Mini Pro is designed to simulate a wide range of functional movements that many boardsport athletes will encounter while riding, such as rail grinds, spins, riding fakie and much more. 

The broad reach of the INDO BOARD has led to it's use by athletes for virtually every sport imaginable, from surfing to snow sports, martial arts, team sports, golf, endurance sports and more. At INDO BOARD we believe that Balance Is Everything and that training should be both functional and FUN!