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Lindsey Vonn Crushing her INDO BOARD workouts!!!

Lindsey Vonn Crushing her INDO BOARD workouts!!!

Posted by INDO BOARD on Nov 7th 2022

Lindsey Vonn is Crushing her INDO BOARD Workouts!

Lindsey Vonn is hard at work training using the Indo Board and posting a TON of videos on her Instagram. Let’s check them out!

She’s even getting her puppies in the Indo Board workout!

She’s even brave enough to try the Double Indo Board workout!

She adds difficulty to the Indo Board Toss by adding a squat!

She’s even trying skate boarding tricks like this front grab!

Take some inspiration from Lindsey Vonn. There are so many ways to use the INDO BOARD to help train for your favorite sport or just to improve your overall fitness.

Remember Balance is Everything!