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Introducing the new INDO BOARD "mushroom" artwork

Posted by Georgette Akai on Oct 17th 2022

INDO BOARD is the only balance board manufacturer to offer unique, high quality graphics on our decks. INDO BOARD is committed to continue to release new deck artwork that supports both grassroots artists and also gives back to environmental causes.

In 2021, INDO BOARD released three new graphics, all of which have proven to be extremely popular and offer graphics that appeal to everyone, regardless of their style or interests. Perhaps the most unique graphic of the three is our "Mushroom" design which was created by Lake Tahoe-based artist Samantha "Sammy Jane" Adams. Sammy Jane is a true outdoor enthusiast, whose passion is engaging with her natural world on a deeply personal and spiritual level. Sammy loves to have fun and pushing her limits, as an artist, athlete and outdoor enthusiast. She often feels most inspired while summiting mountains, riding powder, scaling cliffs and taking meditative walks along alpine lakes.

INDO BOARD Mushroom Original Training Package

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The INDO BOARD "Mushroom" is based on Sammy Janes original artwork entitled The Awakening, one of many whimsical works that conveys how she views and experiences nature. In her own words, "something that is profoundly beautiful, bizarre, and healing- oftentimes in mysterious ways".

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Bonus Video: Sammy Jane Unboxing the INDO BOARD She Designed!