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INDO BOARD Workout Of the Day - Unstable Squats

INDO BOARD Workout Of the Day - Unstable Squats

Posted by INDO BOARD on Nov 15th 2022

Take your Squats to the next level with INDO BOARD

Looking to completely change the dynamics of your workout?  It can be as easy as adding an INDO BOARD to your toolbox of fitness equipment. The INDO BOARD will allow you to add instability to almost any exercise creating increased muscle activation and core engagement while promoting kinetic chain stability. What does that mean you ask?  

All exercises have at least one, and sometimes two base(s) of support.  For example a squat has the ground as your base of support.  On the other hand a pushup has two bases of support; both your hands and your feet. By turning your base(s) of support from stable to unstable, very increased levels of muscle activation can occur.  

In strength training, the traditional way to increase muscle activation is to increase weight. Unfortunately, that is not always the best solution for many people due to strength or mobility limitations or injury concerns.  That is where changing your base of support to an unstable surface can provide for significantly increased muscle recruitment and activation without adding weight.  

Below are a couple videos which feature the INDO BOARD Original FLO which features our 30" X 18" Original deck paired with our 14" IndoFLO cushion, which is mouth-inflatable and adjustable to provide varying degrees of instability.            

Trainer Kristina introduces how to do a squat hold using the INDO BOARD. Squats are a very important exercise to incorporate into your workout and adding instability increases the positive results dramatically. The most important aspect of doing squats correctly is paying strict attention to form and posture throughout the movement. This becomes more difficult on an unstable surface and requires much more muscle activation than a typical stable, ground-based squat. 

The videos below are for the beginner. However, the best part about the INDO BOARD Original FLO is you simply add air to the IndoFLO cushion to increase the level of instability, thus making your workout more challenging. The number of movements/exercises that can be performed using the Original FLO as an unstable base of support are virtually endless. 

These videos take you through various levels of difficulty for each workout highlighted with each video progressively getting more difficult. 

You can check out more INDO BOARD workouts and tutorials on our You Tube Channel