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INDO BOARD partners with Shark Angels on new Whale Shark design

INDO BOARD partners with Shark Angels on new Whale Shark design

Posted by Chip Martoccia on Oct 17th 2022

INDO BOARD is proud to announce our partnership with Shark Angels one of the leading Marine Conservation charities to provide protection and advocacy for sharks and our oceans. This partnership centers around INDO BOARDs latest deck design which features a graphic depicting a whale shark. The whale shark design is the second balance board that INDO BOARD has produced as part of their Ocean Conservation Series and follows on the heels of the very successful Sea Turtle design.

Since 2007, members of Shark Angels around the globe have come together to advocate for sharks and our beautiful blue planet by turning fear of sharks into fascination, by empowering the public through education and science, and connecting the passionate to spark meaningful change. Shark Angels does this through science, education, diving, legislation, and outreach.

Each year over 100 million sharks are killed by humans due to irresponsible fishing practices, a demand for shark fins and from persecution due to unfounded fears. Sharks Angels is founded on the premise that sharks are not to be feared but rather respected for their place in the ecosystem. Executive Director Jamie Pollack has spent many hours underwater traveling to remote places just to dive with sharks and help others turn fear into fascination and passion into action.

Since 1998, INDO BOARD has established itself as the worlds most recognizable and respected brand of balance boards. Founder, Hunter Joslin created the INDO BOARD to be a fun and functional way of improving the balance and agility of surfers, skaters and other "boardsports" enthusiasts. INDO BOARD quickly became a worldwide sensation and is now distributed throughout the world.

INDO BOARD decks have always featured artistic and fun designs that distinguish the INDO BOARD from it's competition. Much like the graphic designs on skateboards appeal to a wide range of styles, INDO BOARD has been collaborating with grassroots artists since its first boards were released in the late 1990's. Over the years INDO BOARD has released nearly 100 different unique deck designs across it's line of 12 different models.

Within the last few years INDO BOARD began looking for ways to give back by supporting charitable organizations that are involved with the conservation and protection of Marine creatures. In 2018 INDO BOARD launched its Marine Conservation Series with our Sea Turtle design. Over the last three years, the Sea Turtle design raised thousands of dollars for the Sea Turtle Conservancy.

We are equally excited about the Whale Shark design and hope that we will be able to raise thousands more to benefit sharks conservation and education around the globe.