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Brian Grubb explains INDO BOARD training for Foil Boarding

Brian Grubb explains INDO BOARD training for Foil Boarding

Posted by INDO BOARD on Dec 27th 2022

INDO BOARD Founder and inventor, Hunter Joslin, gave Brian Grubb a few INDO BOARDs years ago and the athlete quickly incorporated them into his wake sports lifestyle. He found he could simulate many of his behind-the-boat moves on the INDO BOARD, especially when using IndoFLO cushions as a base placed under the board rather than the traditional roller.

We recently asked Grubb, or “Grubby” as he’s affectionately called, to make a video showing us how he uses the INDO BOARD to advance his skills when he is not out on the water. Here’s the result:

Grubby finds the combination of the Original INDO BOARD deck and 24” Gigante cushion works best for his purposes.INDO BOARD also manufactures a 14” IndoFLO cushion, which he also demonstrates in the video.

“The cushions are safer than the roller … which makes them great for everyone starting their INDO BOARD experience. They are also perfect for dialing in some good technique and for practicing your balance and working on flexibility, too,” he said.

Grubb’s life is one thrilling ride after the next. He is best known for his Wake Skating: the two-time World Champion discovered Wake Skating when he was young and two years into it, he won the 2003 Wake Skate National and World Championships. Grubby’s also bungee jumping with the Vertigo Bungee team since he was in his early twenties. Along with bungee jumping Grubby’s first skydive occurred at the tender age of eighteen. Now in his forties, he hasn’t slowed down at all and he is currently pioneering the newer sport of hydro foiling. His hydro foil riding has benefitted significantly from regular INDO BOARD training. 

“Since we’ve been foil boarding a lot more lately, I really think the Gigante cushion with the Original deck is the best way to simulate the correct stance and learn how to put your body weight in the right position; which is highly important on the foil board,” he said. “Since hydro foiling is such a new sport, using the INDO BOARD prior to trying to teach someone how to hydrofoil has really helped me teach people how to get the feel for the right positioning and balance required to successfully ride a foil board”.

Ready to take your boarding to the next level? Check out the 24” Gigante IndoFLO cushion on our website.