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INDO BOARD Pro Balance Board

INDO BOARD Pro Balance Board

Posted by Chip Martoccia on Oct 17th 2022

The INDO BOARD Pro model was designed to be used to help longboard surfers practice and perfect the art of "cross-stepping". A must-have skill for style-conscious longboard surfers.

INDO BOARD was founded in 1998 and is recognized as the highest quality and most effective brand of balance boards on the market. The Pro model was added to the product line in 1999.

The INDO BOARD Pro balance board features a 42" length deck which is the perfect choice for learning, practicing and ultimately mastering the art of cross-stepping. The increased size of the Pro deck also accommodates taller riders or anyone that prefers a wider stance when riding a balance board.

The length and width of the INDO BOARD Pro model also makes it a very versatile balance board. The deck can be ridden both parallel and perpendicular to the Pro roller (which is 8.5" in diameter) for more complex exercises and tricks.

The INDO BOARD Pro is suitable for all levels from beginner through the advanced balance board rider. While the Pro model was originally designed with surfers in mind, it can be used for a wide variety of activities such as:

  • Balance and stability training
  • Fitness and strength workout
  • Core strength training
  • Rehabilitation and physical therapy
  • Practicing and perfecting surfing, snowboarding, and wakesurfing (to name a few)
  • Tricks
  • Improving muscle memory and neuromuscular response

Indo Board Pro Surf Classic – Surf Training and Cross Stepping

INDO BOARD Pro Cross Stepping

The founder of INDO BOARD, Hunter Joslin, showing the capabilities of INDO BOARD Pro model:

Sick INDO BOARD Tricks on the INDO BOARD Pro model



The INDO BOARD Pro Balance Board features a 42” x 15” deck that is made from the highest quality, cabinet-grade, Baltic Birch wood that is finished on the top of the deck with a non-slip surface. On the bottom of the deck there are two wooden stops that help to prevent the deck from rolling off of the roller. The deck is about 0.6” in thickness and comes in three color choices.


The INDO BOARD Pro roller is 8.5” in diameter and is constructed of indestructible, molded plastic with four strips of grip tape for better contact with the underside of the Pro deck. The Pro roller is black with an INDO BOARD sticker on each sides. The size of the roller is specifically designed to accommodate the 42" length of the deck. A smaller roller simply would not allow the long Pro deck to have the range of motion that it needs to be effective.

24" Gigante' Inflatable Cushion (included with the Pro Training Package)

The 24" diameter Gigante' ("giant" in Spanish) was designed to allow for balance boards and balance training to be attainable for any level of rider. When the Gigante' cushion is used under the deck (in place of the Pro roller), it provides very different levels of instability depending upon the amount of air that is added to the cushion. The more air you add to the Gigante' cushion the more unstable the deck will be when sitting on the cushion, and vice-versa.

Because the Gigante' does not move independently of the deck, the product has no learning curve and is safe for virtually anyone. Another great feature of the Gigante' cushion is the ability to be mouth-inflatable, with no need for a pump or inflation pin.

INDO BOARD Pro Balance Board

This includes just the deck and roller. Suitable for those riders that have previously used a balance board. Perfect to train balance, stability, core strength, coordination, and the agility needed in everyday life as well as in sports.

INDO BOARD Pro FLO with cushion 24" Gigante' Cushion

This package features the Pro deck and the 24" Gigante' cushion. No roller is included. This package is best suited for beginners or those looking to do specific stability training or injury prevention training, physical therapy or injury rehabilitation. Unlike the roller, the cushion allows the deck to move in all planes, both fore and aft and laterally which is perfect for advanced stability training.

INDO BOARD Pro Training Package
The Pro Training Package includes the Pro deck, Pro roller, and the Gigante' cushion. This is the ultimate setup for beginners or advanced riders. With the Pro Training Package, you can increase the functionality by alternating either the Pro roller or the Gigante' cushion under the deck.

Why Ride the Pro Model?