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INDO BOARD - Health Benefits of a Standing Desk

INDO BOARD - Health Benefits of a Standing Desk

Posted by Georgette Austria on Oct 13th 2022

What is a Standing Desk?

A standing desk allows you to stand while working at your desk. There are so many good reasons for using a standing desk.

1. Standing Lowers Your Risk Of Weight Gain and Obesity

2. Using a Standing Desk May Lower Blood Sugar Levels.

3. Standing May Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease.

4. Standing Desks Appear to Reduce Back Pain.

5. Standing Desks Help Improve Mood and Energy Levels.

6. Standing Desks May Even Help Improve Productivity.

7. Standing More May Help You Live Longer.

Georgette Akai Austria, Former Director of Social Media and Sponsorship at INDO BOARD

In this photo, I am working at my standing desk with the most versatile standing desk accessory, the Original BOARD Natural and IndoFLO Cushion! I love mine, and what could be more fun while you work!

How To Increase your Health at your Standing Desk with the INDO BOARD with IndoFLO Cushion

Health and Work Benefits

I have found that there are several benefits of standing on my INDO BOARD and IndoFLO Cushion at my standing desk. The benefits are:

  1. My core muscles get activated, and this feels good.
  2. I’m burning calories.
  3. My posture improves.
  4. I stand active in meetings, feel awake and feel positive.
  5. My brain is stimulated while meeting with my colleagues and it helps to keep me engaged with my work.
  6. And Instead of increasing an unhealthy sedentary lifestyle while sitting down, I increase Non-exercise activity thermogenesis while standing up.

The INDO BOARD and the IndoFLO Cushion were created to keep you mentally stimulated and physically active while standing at your standing desk.

Are you ready to have the best standing desk accessory and to have a healthier and happier lifestyle? Repeat after me: YES! LET’S DO THIS!

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Dr. C. Nicolai Roterman. University of Oxford

“I’m a deep-sea biologist. Although I spend some of my time at sea and working on my feet, I spend far more time rooted to my desk on land writing up my research. The switch from the two modes of work can leave my back vulnerable to injury, which is why I try to do as much of my desk work on my feet and on my Barefoot INDO BOARD and IndoFLO Cushion. This keeps my back and core muscles engaged and conditioned. And it helps me make that transition from desk to fieldwork without the risk of damage. ” – Dr. C. Nicolai Roterman, Univerity of Oxford


Dee Caldwell – European Sales Manager at O’Neill Wetsuits & Former Free Style Windsurfing World Champion

“99.999% of people in an office sit as a given. We were designed to stand not sit, The INDO BOARD “Barefoot” takes standing to another level. Stepping off my “Barefoot” feels like stepping onto dry land after a day at sea.”

– Dee Caldwell, European Sales Manager at O’Neill Wetsuits & Former Free Style Windsurfing World Champion

Craig Chennell – Team Manager- O’Neill Wetsuits Ltd

“After my back operation for a prolapsed disk, I was told that I should stand at my desk. The INDO BOARD Barefoot pushes the boundaries of standing as well as enabling me to keep my lower back engaged and strengthening my core which is key to a healthy back.”

Craig Chennell – Team Manager- O’Neill Wetsuits Ltd