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Indo Yoga Board

Yoga on land and in the Studio

A unique feature of the Indo Yoga Board is the various levels of instability that
accommodates all abilities of users from beginners to the most advanced yoga practitioners.

The Indo Yoga Board is the original studio-based Yoga Board, designed to take yoga to the next level by taking traditional yoga and moving it onto an unstable environment like the increasingly popular practice of Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Yoga or Paddle Board Yoga.

The Indo Yoga Board allows for all yoga enthusiasts to experience this new form of yoga
without the need for a stand up paddle board, a body of water or perfect weather.

The design of the board features four rockers that are attached to the bottom of the six foot long, fifteen inch wide Indo Yoga Board. These four rockers provide the instability necessary to completely change the way yoga is practiced. The resulting instability challenges the user to engage significantly more muscles during each pose and to realize any imbalances or imperfections that might exist in the users form. The result is a much higher level of muscle activation and a yoga experience that encourages the user to slow down, focus on perfecting each pose through proper form and that may be present.

Once the user has met the initial challenge in using the Indo Yoga Board on the rockers, additional instability can be added by placing three, easily adjustable IndoFLO® cushions under the deck. (NOTE: The IndoFLO® cushions are mouth inflatable and DO NOT REQUIRE A PUMP) The level of inflation of the three IndoFLO® cushions can be quickly adjusted to increase the instability further by adding air to the cushions or decrease the instability by taking air out of the cushions.

The Indo Yoga Board is one of the most innovative yoga products available today and is
quickly changing the way yoga is practiced.

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