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  Indo Board Accessories Indo Board accessories are the designed to complement the Indo Board balance board products.  Our Indo Board accessories are specifically crafted to enhance the Indo Board user experience.  Users that have purchased an Indo Board Original, which comes with a deck and roller, can purchase the Indo Board balance cushions separately thereby allowing the user to incorporate entirely different balance board exercises into their routine.  When used under the deck, in place of the roller, the 14” diameter IndoFLO cushion and the 24” diameter Gigante’ cushion create a safer way to experience the benefits of balance training, while offering 360 degrees of instability in all planes of movement.  Balance board exercises on one leg are now possible using the IndoFLO cushion and the Gigante’ cushion since the cushions do not move independently of the deck like the rollers do. The IndoFLO and Gigante’ cushions are perfect for rehabilitation, physical therapy and for use with senior fall prevention.  They are also widely used as an unstable platform at stand up desks.  Other popular Indo Board accessories include the Indo Board carpets which are available in either black or green.  Since we do not recommend that most people use an Indo Board on hard flooring surfaces, these carpets are designed to be used on top of tile, hardwood or concrete floors.  The carpets provide just the right amount of padding to slow the movement of the roller down.  Aside from their functional benefits the Indo Board carpets look great and provide years of protection for any flooring surface.  The Indo Board is the best known, best built and most respected brand of balance boards and accessories available.  Don’t settle for an imitation when it comes to your balance training.  Choose Indo Board; the best brand of balance board on the market.